After twelve years on Facebook I decided to leave, but I still want to keep connected with friends and those who follow my ministry.


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A new book is being printed...

I have written a book about adventures in guidance, getting vision, and hearing the voice of God. It is called The Great Quest, where discerning the will of God becomes the highest goal in our lives.

An Important study in the works...

We are in the final phase of the editing process of a new book called Koinonia Killers, where I show how most of our relationships are ruined by being judgmental. It can kill marriages, split churches, and separate life-long friends. It may also explain what is going on in our country these days.

A new online School of Ministry...

This has been a big project in the works for a while now, where we have created a place of study for those who feel called to ministry or for those who are in ministry but are looking for inspiration, encouragement and fresh perspective.You can find it at www.pennclark.study

We will be hosting some meetings deep in the dead of winter...

If you are interested in having your heart warmed this winter, we will be hosting special meetings at our church in Penn Yan (Feb 7-10) and at the Well in Ohio (19-2) with Bob Sorge and Sylvia Evans. Watch for details... 

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While this site will never be as slick as FB or Instagram, I want to post things that I have find to be interesting or humorous, making it an interesting place to spend a little time each week.

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