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The purpose of this page is to present a  collection of recorded, live teachings and sermons from Penn's ministry, which we hope you find to be both inspirational and practical. May what you see or hear on this page bring you closer to the Lord and help you fulfill your ministry.

Click here to get live teaching by Penn in Spanish
God has given Penn a unique ability to communicate His grace in a way that is both profound and practical. From the very beginning, Penn has been a diligent steward of the revelations he has been given, writing them out, polishing them, and making them available to others. Now, with more than thirty books available from a lifetime of study, each book is an example of how to handle the Word of God with integrity. Through the years, the Lord has motivated Penn to present discipleship in a way that is both inspiring and accessible, creating unique places for this to take place within the local church. The Clarks are based in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York, where they serve WellSpring Fellowship. To learn more about Penn, go to or
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