If would like help to managing the stress in your life, why not join me for 12 days and let me teach you what I have learned about this important subject.

The idea of a coaching course is that you would go to our new online ministry school each day for 12 days where I will post something new that you can read or listen to, which will help you understand and manage your stress better.

This is all new for me too, so let's find our way together. In fact, you will be the first to try this out.

All you have to do is fit into your day whenever you have time to study. 

My hope is that you would find this course to be

  • Practical and profound.

  • Biblical and balanced. 

  • Loaded with insights that truly make a difference.

  • With applications you can use.

If you know anyone else who is under a lot of stress these days, why don’t you invite them to do this with you. It will make it a lot more interesting and easier to do.

The course will take place from 

January 16-27

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